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Music Musings

July 01, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous

I like classical music, especially the louder bits when fingers, bows, and conductor’s hair are flying.   But my favorite music genre is rock, ever since it was born and borne on the shelf radio in the family kitchen, while I washed dishes, sang along, and thought about boys.  Of late, I’ve noticed that some lyrics of music written and recorded years ago are appropriate for our current situation.  I’ve started a list.

  • Fleetwood Mac, Behind the Mask: “Don’t you come too close to me; you’re dangerous can’t you see.”
  • The Eagles, Last Good Time in Town:  “I like to go out every now and then.  I can’t wait to do it again... Lately I’ve been stayin’ at home.  Workin’ the crosswords, turn off the phone... I don’t mind being by myself if there’s no one else around.  It’s the last good time in town.”
  • Richard Thompson,  All Buttoned Up:  “She’s all buttoned up, all buttoned up, no place to go.  She’s all buttoned up, all buttoned up, no place to go.”
  • Collective Soul, Run:  “Are these times contagious?  I’ve never been this bored before.”  

If you love a good melody, Longmont Library is a treasure trove of entertainment —16 pages if you type “dvd musicals” in the “by subject” option.  All genres for all ages and a wide variety  are available: bluegrass, jazz, country, mariachi, flamenco, a Leonard Bernstein Omnibus  (four DVDs!), Bob Marley, Rock ’n Learn for kiddies, Teen Beach, and any Broadway show you can name.  There’s something called Rumble: the Indians Who Rocked the World, and another that delves into the science of why music appeals to us (The Music Instinct).  And if you are a music do-it-yourselfer, search for “songbooks” in the “keyword” option.  Piano, vocal, accordion, guitar, ukulele, trumpet, dulcimer—-aplenty to drive the neighbors crazy.

Two last tips on the subject—

  1. In that wonderful future when the library completely reopens, check The Book Shop for music CDs and DVDs at bargain prices.
  2. During so much alone time, are you embarrassed to find that you’re talking to yourself?  Try singing the words—it just feels better.

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