A Symbiosis of Books and Computers

I came across that drollery one day while browsing the web to put off organizing my file drawers.  Here are some addresses that you, book lover, might find entertaining.
  • grammarphobia.com is where to go to find correct English usage and the origins of words, but it’s also a jumping-off place to interesting blogs and news articles about language.  For instance, there’s a link to get advice on what dictionary to buy, and another link to a New York Times Op Ed piece on President Obama’s English.
  • the-best-childrens-books.org  features school teachers’ recommendations; you can browse by grade level or topic.  The site also posts articles about reading, such as “What to Do When Your Child Hates Reading.”  If you want a best book for adults, try lithub.com —so much is going on there, I can’t begin to describe it.
  • As you might expect, merriam-webster.com provides a dictionary and thesaurus, but it also offers word games and quizzes.  You can sign up to receive a word-a-day by email, i.e., “organoleptic”—having to do with using sense organs.  Plus there’s a learners’ ESL dictionary and a Scrabble® word finder.
  • If you need a laugh, or at least a grin, Google “library humor.”  You’ll find plenty to keep you up past your bedtime.
There are also some fun videos involving libraries on YouTube.  Google the following:
  • Dewey Decimal Rap  (You don’t have to like rap to tap your toes to this.)
  • Librarian Rhapsody  (A bunch of librarians parodying Queen’s super hit.)
  • The Joy of Books  (Real books, hundreds of them, dancing.  You’ll boggle at how the video was made.)
  • Cookie Monster in Library  (Cookie Monster being Cookie Monster.)

Somewhere in my computer travels,  I saw the definition of “library” as “kind of an early version of the world wide web,” and “librarian” as “the original search engine.”
I also came across a Kindle reader’s remark that, “It was a real scroller.  I couldn’t put down my screen.”
Written by Carol Cail. Read more from Carol at carolcail.com

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