Save Room for Pie and More

Humorist Roy Blount Jr. has written a bunch of books, many of them in the Library’s catalog. The latest is Save Room for Pie, which is “Food Songs and Chewy Ruminations”, a compendium of exuberant wordplay. Such as this description of the cork being pulled out of a whiskey bottle: “Let’s see if I can spell the sound: f-toong. That’s if you pull it straight out. If you give it a little twist a s you pull it, there’s a squeak — no, a chirp, a tweet even — that drowns out the f and even some of the t…Sort of squee-(thong.” Make you thirsty, wine lovers?

Blount also wrote this two-line poem: “The neighborhood stores are all out of broccoli / loccoli.”

Here’s a library you may not have heard of and probably will never visit: Iceland’s Library of Water. An American, Roni Horn, collected samples from 24 glaciers and placed the melt water in floor-to-ceiling glass cylinders to create an artwork of natural historical significance. The library also houses a writers’ retreat and generates weather reports. To see photographs, point your computer to

While you’re at the computer, is a community of poets that you can join by submitting one that you’ve written.

A.A. Milne observed, “When we read, we are, we must be, repeating the words to ourselves unconsciously; for how else should we discover, as we all have discovered in our time, that we have been mispronouncing a word which, in fact, we have never spoken? I refer to such words as ‘misled’, which I, and millions of others when young, supposed to be ‘mizzled.'”

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*Originally published in October 2016

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