Featured Book Shelf

Here are a few of the books on our Featured Book Shelf — at our Friends Book Shop, located in the lobby of the Longmont Public Library. These books have special prices, ranging from $3 and up. (Updated on 26 January 2015)

spiritual moments

American Dreamer . Phoenix Art Museum (b)
Art and Photography . David Campany (d)
Art Deco . Judith Miller (d)
Artforms . Patrick Frank (d)
Clara Sipprell . Mary Kennedy McCabe ©
Degas . Bernd Growe (d)
Encyclopedia of Photography (d)
Exposure . Marshall Sella (d)
Great Cooking for Two . Better Homes and Gardens (d)
Joy of Cooking . Irma S Rombauer (d)
Making Your Creative Mark . Eric Maisel ©
Masters of Photography . Beaumont (d)
On the Art of Fixing a Shadow . National Gallery of Art ©
Photographic Printmaking Techniques . Dell Sacilotto (d)
Psychology of Children’s Art . Rhoda Kellogg ©
Spiritual Moments with the Great Composers . Patrick Kavanaugh (d)

50 years

50 Years of Fender . Tony Bacon (d)
Axis Sally . M WIlliams Fuller (c)
Battles of the Civil War . K Dougherty (b)
The Faces of Europe . Alan Bullock ©
Family Reference Atlas of the World . National Geographic ©
The Golden Age of Steam . Dean Server (d)
The Lore of the Train . C Hamilton Ellis (d)
The Old West . Time Life Books (b)
A Short History of Byzantium . John Julius Norwich (c)
Since 1910: Chronicles of Gardener, Carton & Douglas (e)
This Ol’ Drought Aint’ Broke Us Yet . Jim Garry (signed)(d)
The US Navy Seals from Vietnam to FInding Bin Ladin . David Jordan (c)


3 Ingredient Cookbooks (d)
The Burger Meisters . Marcel Desauniers (c)
Cooking with Asparagus . Dumont Monte ©
Easy Everyday Favorites . Weight Watchers (d)
Gourmet’s Cakes Pies and Cookies ©
Graphic Guide to Interior Details . Rob Thallon ©
Power Foods Cookbook . Weight Watchers (d)
The Secret Gardens of the Vieux Carre . Roy F Guste Jr (e)
Semi-Homemade Cooking . Sandra Lee ©
Vineyard Seasons . Susan Branch (c)


The Death of Santini . Pat Conroy (signed) (c)
Little Men . Louisa May Alcott (b)
The Old Wives’ Tales . Arnold Bennett (c)
Peachtree Street USA . Celestine Sibley (1963)(b)
Reptiles of the World . Raymond L Ditmars (1943)(b)
This is a Book . Demetri Martin (d)
Walden and Other Writings . Thoreau (d)
War and Peace . Leo Tolstoy (1960) (d)

O’s Guide to Life: The Best of O (a)
Desertlands of America . JA Kraulis ©
Heart Sounds Made Incredibly Easy (d)
Horse Breeds and Horse Care (d)
Invention by Design . Tim Noakes (d)
Kettlebell Training for Athletes . Dave Bellomo (d)
Invention by Design . Henry Petroski (d)
Meet the Breeds . American Kennel Club (d)
Pond Lake River Sea . Marvin Koch (d)
When Panic Attacks (d)
Women Sex and Addiction . Charlotte Davis Kasl (d)
The Working Cowboy’s Manual . Fay E Ward (d)

The Featured Shelf for Children and Young Adults of All Ages will be filled with your beloved classics, vintage that promises to bring back delightful childhood memories, favorite authors, foreign language books and more wonder-filled items. A must-see shelf!

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AUDIOBOOKS • most are $5 nonmembers / $3 Friends members

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