Featured Book Shelf

Here are a few of the books on our Featured Book Shelf — at our Friends Book Shop, located in the lobby of the Longmont Public Library. These books have special prices, ranging from $3 and up. (Updated on July 21, 2014)

Colorado’s Hidden Valley • John Fielder (signed) (b)
A Day in the Life of the Unitesd States Armed Forces (d)
Fifty Additional Songs • Franz Schubert (a)
The Great Photographs of the Civil War • Neil Kagan (c)
Greek Revival America • John Hall (d)
In Wildness is the Preservation of the World • Eliot Porter (d)
Oriental Rugs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art • MS Dimand  (e)

1-2-3 (d)
Baby Farm Animals • Garth Williams (a)
Charles Tazewell’s Littlest Stories (1962) (b)
Children’s Reference Set (b)
Classic Fairy Tales • Scott Gustafson ©
The DK Geography of the World • Rachel Foster ©
Es tonen die Lieder, Bilder von Lore Hummel • Engelbert Dessert Verlag ©
The Giving Tree • Shel Silverstein ©
John Midas in the Dreamtime • Patrick Skene Catling (c)
Legacy of Light: 205 Polaroid Photographs by 58 Distinguished American Photographers (c)
Little Women • Louisa May Alcott (1947) (b)
Sloth’s Birthday Party • Diane Redfield Massie (d)
Space Eagle Operation Star Voyage • Jack Pearl (b)
Star Wars Complete Cross-Sections (c)
Tootle • Gertrude Crampton (b)

Brave New Brain • Nancy C Andreasen (a)
The Creative Mind: An Introduction to Metaphysics • Henri Bergson (c)
Empire of Liberty • Gordon S Wood (d)
Great Battlefields of the World • John MacDonald (d)
Lost Squadron • David Hayes  (e)
A Pictorial History of Medicine • Otto L Bettman (1956) (b)
Two Bucks and a Can of Gas • Robert R Olson (b)
The World as Will and Representation • Arthur Schopenhauer ©
World of Cigars • Marvin R Shanken (a)

Green Building Materials • Ross Spiegel (b)
Knit Kimono • Vicki Square (b)

The Guts • Roddy Doyle  (e)
The No One Ladies Detective Agency • Alexander McCall Smith (3 vol set) ©
Poems of Love and War • AK Ramanujan (c)
Poet in New York • Christopher Maurer  (e)
Theodore Herzl • A Biography by Alex Bein (1957) (b)

The Complete Dog Book (d)
Everything’s an Argument • Andrea Lunsford ©
Thinking Like Your Editor • Susan Rabiner ©
WebDAV • Lisa Dusseault (a)
Web Development with TIBCO General Interface • Anil Gurnani ©
What We Knew • Eric A Johnson (c)

The New Oxford Annotated Bible (NRSV) (c)

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