Featured Book Shelf

Here are a few of the books on our Featured Book Shelf — at our Friends Book Shop, located in the lobby of the Longmont Public Library. These books have special prices, ranging from $3 and up. (Updated on 20 October 2014)

102 Favorite Paintings by Norman Rockwell (a)
Aperature: Photostroika New Soviet Photography (b)
Blackbird Singing . Paul McCartney  (a)
The Glory of the English House . Lionel Esher (c)
The Hammersteins . Oscar Andrew Hammerstein (a)
Mars 3-D: A Rover’s Eye View of the Red Planet . Jim Bell (b)
Robert Bateman: A Retrospective (b)
Santeria Aesthetics . Arturo Lindsay (c)
Scrawl: Dirty Graphics and Strange Characters (a)
The Villas of Palladio . Philip Trager (c)

Preparing for the Twenty-first Century . Paul Kennedy (signed) (b)
Washburn College Bible . Oxford University Press (c)

Architecture: The Natural and the Man Made . Vincent Scully ©
The Cotswolds . Hugh Newbury (c)
The Egyptian Kingdoms . A Rosalie David (a)
The Gothic Cathedral . Wim Swaan (c)
Horse Tradin’ . Ben K Green (a)
The Imperial Way . Paul Theroux (a)
Log of the Centurion . Leo Heaps (d)
The National Air and Space Museum . CDB Bryan (b)
The Price of Silence . William D Cohan (b)
The Stones of Florence . Mary McCarthy (a)
Treasures of Tutankhamun (d)
Vanishing Paradise: Duck Hunting in the Louisiana Marsh . John R Kemp (a)

10,000 Garden Questions Answered by 20 Experts (b)
Chocolate . Christine McFadden (c)
Complete Aromatherapy Handbook . Susanne Fischer-Rizzi (b)
Knitting . Ros Badger (c)
Martha Stewart’s Hors d’oeuvres Handbook (b)
Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts . Pam Bono Designs . 2 vol set ©
Simple Country Pleasures . Gooseberry Patch (c)

Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard . Thomas Gray (Heritage Press) (b)
General Anthropology . Frank Boas (1938) (c)
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter . Carson McCullers (1940) (b)
Red Badge of Courage . Stephen Crane (Heritage Press) (c)
Sun Snow and Skis (1946) (a)

The Featured Shelf for Children and Young Adults of All Ages will be filled with your beloved classics, vintage that promises to bring back delightful childhood memories, favorite authors, foreign language books and more wonder-filled items. A must-see shelf!

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