Featured Book Shelf

Here are a few of the books on our Featured Book Shelf — at our Friends Book Shop, located in the lobby of the Longmont Public Library. These books have special prices, ranging from $3 and up. (Updated on April 14, 2014)

3-D Hollywood • Harold Lloyd  (b)

The Adventures of Polly and the Wolf • Catherine Storr (1970) (b)

The American Scene: American Painting of the 1930s  (b)

Birding • Joseph Forshaw+ (b)

Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content • Biz Stone (a)

Carl Sandburg’s Abraham Lincoln (Boxed Set of Three) (a)

Cats in the Sun • Hans Silvester (b)

The Century for Young People • Peter Jennings+ (d)

Charlton Heston Presents the Bible (d)

Chocolate: Cooking with the World’s Best Ingredient • Christine McFadden+ (b)

Christopher’s Parade • Richard Hefter+ (a)

The Complete Garden Planning Manual • Drek Fell+ (e)

Decorative Beaded Purses (a)

Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic • Gordon S Wood (b)

Fifty Additional Songs • Franz Schubert (a)

A Foundation Course in Drawing • Peter Stanyer+ (b)

From Julia Child’s Kitchen • Julia Child (a)

Good Housekeeping Illustrated American Cookbook (a)

A John Graves Reader (d)

Leonardo Automation and Robotics (Italian and English Version) (a)

The Lost Squadron • David Hayes (b)

Maps of the Civil War: The Roads They Took • David Phillips (b)

Matrix of the Mind • Thomas H Ogden (b)

The NRSV Concordance • John R Kohlenberger III (d)

One Fish, Two Fish, Crawfish, Bluefish: The Smithsonian Sustainable Seafood Cookbook • Carole C Baldwin+ (a)

Oriental Carpets • Volkmar Gantzhorn (b)

Our Century in Pictures (Life) (b)

Out of Ireland: The Story of Irish Emigration to America Kerby Miller+ (a)

Real Simple Solutions: Tricks, Wisdom and Easy Ideas to Simplify Every Day (d)

The Rise and Fall of the American Whig Party • Michael F Holt (a)

Rodale’s Landscape Problem Solver: A Plant-by-Plant Guide • Jeff and Liz Ball (e)

This Singing World • Louis Untermeyer (a)

The Story of Giovanni Fideli: An Italian Folktale • Told by Jessica Kirkland (a)

The Things that Matter • Nate Berkus (d)

The Thirty Years War • CV Wedgwood (a)

The Trial of the Poet: An Interpretation of the First Edition of Leaves of Grass • Ivan Marki (a)

Tuhurahura and the Whale • Anne Rockwell (1971) (b)

The Ultimate Cooking Course and Kitchen Encyclopedia • Carole Clements (b)

Van Gogh Self Portraits with Accompanying Letters from Vincent to His Brother Theo (b)

HERITAGE PRESS with Slipcase
The Essays • Ralph Waldo Emerson  (a)

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