Featured Book Shelf

Here are a few of the books on our Featured Book Shelf — at our Friends Book Shop, located in the lobby of the Longmont Public Library. These books have special prices, ranging from $3 and up. (Updated on September 15, 2014)

250 Years of Japanese Art . Roni Neuer (b)
Architecture of the Western World . Michael Raeburn (d)
The Auto-phant . Robert Ringenberger (1971) ©
Black Beauty . Anna Seawell (1945) ©
Dragon Age, Origins . Mike Searle (c)
The Eye and the Heart . Watercolors of John Stuart Ingle ©
Georgia O’Keeffe . Elizabeth Montgomery (c)
Gifted Woman . Howard Schatz (d)
Gore: Black Dice and Jason Frank Rothernberg (b)
Jabberwocky . Lewis Carroll . Illustrated by Graeme Base (c)
John Ruskin and Victorian Architecture . Michael W Brooks ©
The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott . David M Wilson ©
Manga Techniques, Character Design for Beginners Vol 4 . Shunji Haraguchi ©
Pokemon, Diamond Version, Pearl Version . Shyunsuki Motomiya ©
Readers Digest Book of Amazing Facts ©
Star Wars Attack of the Clones, Incredible Cross Section . Curtis Saxton ©
Star Wars The Visual Dictionary . David West Reynolds ©
Stephen Biesty’s Explosions ©
Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross- Sections (c)
Van Gogh and Gauguin . Debora Silverman (c)
Who Was Who in American Art . Falk (b)
Women’s Work . Sigrid Wortman Weltge (b)

Batman O Liuro dos Criminosos . Michael Anthony Steel (c)
Children of Other Lands . Watty Piper (1943) (b)
DK Guide to Space . Peter Bond (c)
Finding Out About Science: The Seasons . Derek Jervis ©
Finding Out About Science: Telescopes . Patrick Moore (c)
Full Metal Alchemist, Absolute Cinema Guide (Japanese) (b)
Leonardo e o Minino que Voava . Lawrence Anholt (c)
Mr. Snitzel’s Cookies . Jane Flory (1950) (b)
Mowgli’s Brothers . Rudyard Kipling illustrated by Christopher Wormell (b)
Piadas para Rachar o Bigo . Gabriel Baragal (c)
Star Wars The Clone Wars Incredible Vehicles (d)
The Visual Dictionary of Dinosaurs . Eyewitness Books -

American Military: Insignia, Medals and Decorations . William Fowler ©
Birds: Their Life Their Ways Their World (c)
Blind Man’s Bluff . Sherry Sontag (autographed) ©
Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas . Hugh E Kingery ©
Days that Changed the World . Hywel Williams (c)
The Death of James Dean . Warren Newton Beath (d)
A Legacy of Hate: Anti-Semitism in America . Ernest Volkman (a)
Mexico: Su Tiempo de Nacer (b)
The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany . TL Jarman (a)
Thomas Becket: Warrior, Priest, Rebel . John Guy (a)

Best Ever Pasta . Linda Fraser (c)
Culinary Colorado . Claire Walter (b)
Napa Stories: Profiles, Reflections and Recipes from the Napa Valley . Michael Chiarello (d)
Nature’s Medicine: Plants that Heal . Joel L Swerdlow ©
Patrick O’ Connell’s Refined American Cuisine ©
Savoring Pasta and Rice (Williams-Sonoma) (c)
To Everything There is a Season (a)

Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination . Illustrated by Arthur Rackham


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